What material can be slit by slitting lines?

Slitting lines could slit many kinds of materials such as metal and non-ferrous metal, rare metal, and Bi-metal coils.

What is a slitting line?

Slitting line is a line used to slit wide-sized coils into many narrow width strips.

Thickness range of coil to be slit

Toa Dr’s ultra-precision metal slitting machine can slit thicknesses as thin as 0.05mm.

According to different configurations, it can be slit to a maximum thickness of 1.5mm

★ If you need to slit to more than 1.5mm, it will be handled as a project.

How to clean slitter knives?

How to clean slitter knives:

1. Remove the oil from the surface
2. Take microfiber wiper to wipe knives and make sure  there is absolutely clean.
3. Mount on the arbor or after oiled and store in the knife cabinet

Range of slitting knife sizes manufactured by Toa Dr

1. The maximum Outer diameter is 400mm.

2. The minimum Inner diameter is 60mm.

3. Thickness is 1mm and above.