Rotary Knives-Safety Tips

PUBLISH DATE:2022-06-06

Rotary Knives-Safety Tips

Rotary knives have saved a great deal of time and wrist strain for many keen sewers. If you've been cutting with scissors up until this point, you need to get on board the rotary Knife bandwagon. You can cut through numerous layers of cloth swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, they are more precise than scissors.

When you opt to utilise rotary knives, you should be aware of a few quite essential equipment. Each of these attachments may not only assist you in completing jobs more quickly, but also make using a rotary Knife safer.

※ Whatever project you are working on, safety should always come first.


  • Properly Hold Your Rotary Knife

Many individuals have an innate desire to wield a rotary Knife similarly like a knife. Knives, on the other hand, do not move with the deftness or speed that a rotary knife does.

To maintain precise control of your rotary Knife, keep your index finger poised on the top of the Knife and check the pressure with your palm.

With Rotary knives, pressure is critical since the more pressure applied, the less control you have. While some pressure is important, you do not want to be overly gentle.

If you have to apply a lot of pressure, you probably need a new blade. Changing blades anytime you feel the urge to apply a lot of pressure might assist you avoid making any inadvertent cuts.


  • Wear Protective Gloves

Safety gloves are not only for industrial workers. Grab a pair and you can nearly assure that you will not sever your fingers with a rotary Knife's razor-sharp blade.

Safety gloves are an excellent purchase, and if you quilt, you'll need them to protect your fingertips whether working with tiny rulers or making more accurate cuts.


  • Pattern Weights

You do not need specific weights to secure your cloth, and any hefty item will suffice. However, if you use your hand to secure a pattern, you risk significant harm. Rather than that, utilise pattern weights and your hand as a guide or balance when cutting with the rotary Knife. Additionally, they will improve your accuracy.

The easiest way to think about pattern weights is as fabric clips or cutting pins. While pins aid in precisely feeding fabric through a sewing machine, pattern weights aid in accurately cutting and trimming cloth to the desired size and shape.


  • Know About Your Safety Mechanism and Use It!

Crafters have a reputation for dropping potentially hazardous home tools such as scissors, pins, needles, and, more recently, rotary cutters.

Fortunately, the majority of Rotary knives have a safety feature that, through a simple slider or button, protects you and everyone else from the exposed blade. Put the safety on whenever you set a rotary knife down.

If a blade slips off the table, the last thing you want is for it to nick your hand as you automatically go for it, or worse, hurt a kid or an innocent pet. This may result in some bleeding and potentially hours spent waiting for stitches at the emergency department... Not to mention the subsequent guilt.